Sapphire 7’s™ is part of the three game Golden Gadget series that includes Bells and Bars™ and Flaming Cherries™. Each game in the series features three bonuses – a free spin bonus and the unique Multi-Slot and Match ‘n Spin bonuses. The delightful Gilbert Gadget accompanies players through each bonus.

  • Multi-Slot Bonus
  • 3 special symbols trigger bonus
  • Player gets to spin 5 different slot devices
  • Each bonus slot loss triggers a larger multiplier – up to 10X
  • Wild win payouts are doubled
  • Free Spin Bonus
  • Win 3 Bonus Symbols and earn up to 15 free spins
  • Match ‘n Spin Bonus
  • Get a card and spin to match
  • Each matched card segment wins 100 credits
  • Earn up to 8X multiplier with each completed card